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Vibe Blade Bait Lure

Posted by KMDA on 21st Jun 2017

Vibe Blade Bait Lure

For the last 15 years I have caught more species and trophy size fish on the VIBE”E” blade baits then any other lure. From the great lakes Walleye to river Sauger this lure will straight out perform when other lures aren't working. Cold front? East winds? Transitional spawn fish? No problem it is a fishes natural instinct to eat when a bait is presented to it in a vibrating falling action. The VIBE”E” does just that with its unique tight vibration, fish calling ability and side to side falling action.

This lure is so versatile it's been proven deadly ice fishing and even during the dog days of summer. Don’t fish for Walleye? Glad you asked...from slab crappie and perch to football smallmouth and stud largemouth this lure will be sure to find them.

I’ve fished competitive Walleye Tournaments across my home state of Ohio and for the last 10+ years. The VIBE”E” has been attached to my rods at every tournament. It has helped me win multiple tournaments and earn top finishes. So if your looking for an extra plaque or trophy in tournament fishing or maybe want a trophy for the wall…look no further this is it. Cast, troll, vertical you name can do it. Get out there and enjoy and remember to hold on to your rod the strikes are vicious.

Adam Momirov

Semi-professional Walleye Angler

Accomplished Tournament Angler

Tournament Director



The Vibe Blade Bait Lure is a excellent Sauger & Walleye tossing and jigging lure that has been around for 30 plus years and used in many Walleye Tournaments. Spring 2017 was no exception with Brock Sentz and Jeremy Fries tossing Vibe Lures to capture 3rd place in the Walleye Madness Opener presented by Buckeye Sports Center. Tournament Director Greg Bentz was happy to see teams pull fish after such a bad week of weather and went on to say “I love seeing teams adapt to the conditions presented to them, this is what makes people better fisherman.”

The Ohio Walleye Federation’s first tournament of the year was held on Mosquito Lake April 23, 2017. The Vibe Lure was jigged by the first and second place teams giving them the top two places in the win column. Steve Booher & Donnie Burns took first place with 5 fish at 13.19 lbs. They were jigging chartreuse & Lime Green 1/4 oz. Vibes. Collin Murphy & Pat Smith took second place with 11.71 lbs. also jigging the Vibes. Thirty Eight total teams took the water seeking the $6,000 in prize money and the 2 top winning teams won the lions share using the Vibe Blade Bait by KMDA Inc.

The second OWF Tournament of the year took place at Berlin Lake with the team of Mitch Shipman of Kent, Ohio and Rick Mulraney of Cleveland, Ohio taking First Place. They reported catching their fish vertically jigging Vibe Lures in 16’-20’ of water with the most popular colors being Clown and Blue & Silver. They bagged a total of five fish weighing in at a total of 14.93 lbs. They also won the biggest fish of the day at 5.03 lbs.

The Vibe Blade Bait Lure can’t be beat when it comes to catching those finicky fish. Even tough its been around for over 30 years many have yet to try it. Pick up some at your local retailer, ask for it by name, The VibE Blade Bait. Or purchase online at