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Baker Fishing Lures

Posted by Derek on 28th Apr 2017

Baker Fishing Lures

Baker Lures has been acquired by KMDA, Inc. in Bovey MN. The Baker Lure brand has been around for 3 years with sales increasing every year. The brand is very exciting because of the constant growth year after year. It seems like people are seeing the lures and their effectiveness a little more every year and the pro staff is growing rapidly, fueling the brand’s popularity. Baker Lures specializes in many types of lures including topwater baits, jerkbaits, crankbaits, and saltwater lures.

The Baker BBT Series topwater popper is a favorite of bass anglers everywhere. This unique design and weight creates a natural sounding “plop” as it enters the water. The distinctive retrieve motion combines an enticing double shot rattle with the perfect angle for quick strikes and fast action. The BBT1 series comes in a variety of different finishes and each lure is equipped with VMC super sharp hooks.

The Baker RGD series of suspending crankbaits are available in three different sizes and four styles designed to dive and swim suspended at a depth of 2-4’, 3-6’, or 7-10‘ respectfully. They provide a wide, stable “S” pattern retrieve with classic crankbait action. Changing retrieval speed produces varying degrees of action. All models are extremely productive when fishing bass, walleye, pike, and salmon.

The JLD series of suspending jerkbaits is a Baker favorite. The Baker JLD series has a performance enhancing internal magnetic weight and rattle system that yields longer casts while avoiding tangles and rollovers. These lures dive and swim suspended at depths of about 3 feet. Changing retrieval speed produces varying degrees of action. The JLD series is available in 5 different sizes and a variety of different color patterns. This lure is a favorite of most Baker Lure Pro staff members.

Our suspending shad series, the BDT series, is available in two different sizes and mimics a shad bait. The heavier weights and larger holding chamber of BDT lures provide a clear performance edge, including longer casts, excellent control and a loud rattle during retrieval. The lures are designed to dive and swim suspended at depths ranging from 2 feet to 6 feet. These lures retrieve with a distinctive darting action that duplicates the motion of live minnows.

KMDA, Inc is extremely proud to own the Baker Lure brand and is very excited to watch the line grow with new baits and new colors. The color patterns and intricacies of all series of lure finishes are unparalleled and make them some of the most lifelike crankbaits, jerkbaits and topwater baits on the market today. Look for a new and exciting deep diving bait coming out soon.

To check out the entire current Baker Brand go to the total line up of models & colors HERE.