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4.5" Grub

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Single Pack: 10 ct. 

Single Pack - Includes 1 Hog Tonic Capsule, UNOPENED"
"Pro Pack - Includes 2 Hog Tonic Capsules, UNOPENED and 1 Hog Tonic Capsule OPENED to release scent into baits

Here's a little Q & A session covering the 3 most frequently asked questions about our 4.5" Grub.

Question #1:   Hey PowerTeam! Why does your 4.5" Grub have that funky body design?

Answer:  The forward ribbed body design ensures that the bait is displacing the maximum amount of water possible with every crank of your reel handle (the fish really like this feature).

Question #2:   Hey PowerTeam! Why does your 4.5" Grub have that weird design on the tail?

Answer:  The tail was specifically designed with a staggered offset pattern which allowed us to add more total weight to the tail. By doing so, this slick move added an extra "thump" to its already awesome action which allows the fish to feel it on their lateral lines way before they even see it (the fish really like this feature too).

Question #3:   Hey PowerTeam! Why does your 4.5" Grub kick so much ass?

Answer:   See the answers for questions #1 and #2.

There you have it! The answers to the top 3 most frequently asked questions regarding our 4.5" Grub. So what's the bottom line you're now asking? I'll tell you what the bottom line is?..This isn't the same Grub your grandfather was throwing 20 years ago peeps! Open your minds and welcome to the new era of Grub fishing (the fish will REALLY like you for this feature!).

***If you're looking for a really cool head to swim our 4.5" Grub on, look no further than our "perfect fit" FCT Heads.


Bob's Tech Tip

I just love me some Grub! Hopping it on a FCT Head, stroking it on the back of a jig, swimming on the back of a Spinnerbait, buzzing on the back of Buzzbait , 5 fluttering on an A-Rig, or vibrating along on a Scrounger head. You can't go wrong! 





(12 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    tubes abd grubs

    Posted by Brian J Quigg on 31st Oct 2014

    I bought these baits a few weeks ago, great packaging and amazing colors! I fish the Susquehanna River around Harrisburg, Pa on a weekly basis and figured I would try the "Susky Slayer" in the food chain 3.5" tube. WOW!!!, it is truly a slayer! I've been mainly a crankbait and spinnerbait bait power fisherman for years but have finally seen the light and made the switch. Hog Tonic is also another MUST have product, smallies go nuts for it! I'm now on my 3rd order and can't wait to try some new products! Thanks PowerTeamLures for making an awesome product! Fast shipping and great customer service.

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    Consistent Producer

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Oct 2014

    The PTL grub on a jig head has become my Go-To for light line stripers. The tail has some super sexy action that the guys and girls with the stripes can't refuse! Even at slow speeds, they are irresistible to fish. In the lights I like to keep the colors simple, silk chartreuse, blue hue, pearl and a dark color like green pumpkin will all "do work".

  • 5
    Great grub with lot's of action!

    Posted by Mike on 1st Jul 2014

    This grub is pure nasty…the body design is unique and displaces water different than any other grub. What I like is the super soft yet durable tail. PTL did it right loading these grubs up with scent but keeping the salt out for better durability and longer lasting baits. Cut the head down a 1/2" if the water is cold or the bass or walleye are finicky. I like to fish them slow, on a 1/8oz-1/4oz jig most common. The Electric Chicken is great for dirty water, and options like Blue Hue, or any of the greens in clear water blue sky conditions. Experiment with them, great for cold front's or fishing sand flat's for smallies!