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3.5" Craw D'oeuvre

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Single Pack: 8 Ct.

According to the PowerTeam Dictionary, the Craw D'oeuvre (pronounced Craw Derv, like hors d'oeuvre?think of a little appetizer) is also commonly referred to by millions of anglers as the "Craw D", or "The D'oeuvre",  and secretly the "Craw Diggity" by countless Spartan warriors. (Don't let them Spartan warriors fool you! When they're not out on the battle fields kicking ass, they're out on the water kicking ass with our baits). Anyway, back to the appetizer part. The Craw D'oeuvre is a downsized 3 1/2 inch craw/creature that appeals to basically every type of freshwater bass that swims (smallmouth, largemouth, spotted, Samoan). It has a subtle, natural crawfish action that bass just can't resist. As a matter of fact, when you're done reading this tidbit of Craw D'oeuvre history, click on the video to the left and you can see the natural action of this scrumptious little bait in the tank rigged on a Pea Head?you'll then understand why bass drool all over it. (Oh, and for you Shakey head fishermen out there, our Pea Heads pair together with the Craw D'oeuvres like spaghetti pairs together with meatballs?hint, hint!). Another cool thing about "The D'oeuvre" is its ability to produce in some of the toughest situations due to its compact size and subtle action. Even when the bass have their panties in a bunch because of some crazy cold front that moved in, the Craw Diggity has a way of unlocking their jaws. Pitch it, flip it, punch it, T-rig it, C-rig it, drop shot it, split shot rig it, Shakey head it, or use it as an AWESOME jig trailer. Do whatever you want?there's no rules!!! Bill Clinton once said "The Craw D'oeuvre is a highly productive, unbelievably easy bait to fish. If you can't catch bass on this bait, throw away your rods and take up tennis because you're obviously in the wrong sport!"  We couldn't have said it better ourselves. :)

One last thing?..If you happen to come across a Spartan warrior on the water, please don't let them know that we told you their secret! We don't need them kicking our asses too!  


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Bob's Tech Tip

If you're new to fishing craws, the Craw D'oeuvre is an excellent bait to start with because it'll help you build confidence fast. Just twist one up on a Pea Head, cast and slowly drag. It's that simple. Then after you get your feet wet, you can start implementing all the other techniques that were mentioned in the product description. Learn the ways of The D'oeuvre and the fish Gods will reward you!




(42 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Craw D

    Posted by Christopher Russell on 16th Feb 2020

    When the fish on not biting a big profile. This is my go to hard bite lure. Drop it on the back of a 3/8oz jig. That has been my bait. Small profile. Great bait.

  • 5
    3 pounder

    Posted by David Bedore on 28th Mar 2018

    The craw is amazing on the shaky head. The small profile makes it easy to skip and flip under brush and when bass hit it. It's like no other strike I ever had with any other bait they dang near knock the rod out of my hand.

  • 5
    My go to lure

    Posted by Shawn on 23rd Mar 2018

    By far my favorite plastic craw. Use it as a jig trailer and as a stand alone bait, either way it's a win!

  • 5
    great plastic durable

    Posted by Robert Johnson on 13th Nov 2017

    Will keep buying power team lures

  • 5
    Awesome Craws!

    Posted by Michael Gladden on 27th Aug 2017

    As am avid tournament angler & avid field tester of many baits in the fishing industry, I was very pleased & excited about these soft baits. I look forward to using Poweteam with my future fishing adventures. Great product & great service!

  • 5
    Very Durable

    Posted by Chris on 9th Aug 2017

    I was encouraged to use this bait by one of the pro staff here in Minnesota and used these for the first time this past week on Mille Lacs . One day in particular, I fished all day on a 3/4 oz swinghead and never had to replace, even in spite of zebra mussels and the many smallmouth. This was my primary bait all day and it literally lasted over 11 hours of prefishing. The last hour I thought about replacing but decided to keep using to see if I could make it last; I then simply flipped the bait over and it was just as good as new. I likely could have gotten two days off this one bait. Very impressed with versatility and durability of this bait.

  • 5
    Cant go wrong

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Jul 2017

    The Craw D'oeuvre is probably the most used craw in my arsenal. You seriously cant go wrong with it no matter how you rig it. My personal favorites are jig trailer, punch rig, and t-rig for BIG bites consistently.

  • 5
    king of the craws

    Posted by john on 8th May 2017

    Awesome craw bass love em .....just ordered more

  • 5
    3.5" Craw D'oeuvre

    Posted by David E. Schmidt on 5th May 2017

    Power Team Lures 3.5” Craw D’oeuvre is a keeper. Great colors to choose from and it’s near perfect action in the water is awesome. Whether you fish the PTL 3.5 C.D. as a jig trailer, Texas rigged, split shot or however you rig it the body has plenty of meat to hold the hook from twisting or turning. I highly recommend the 3.5” Craw D’oeuvre.