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Soft -Bait Glue by PRO's

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This glue will quickly become your new favorite soft plastic buddy. We here at PowerTeam Lures use it ourselves when we're on the water so we figured we'd offer it on our site to help our customers get more life out of their baits as well.

  • Glue your trailers onto the back of your jigs to keep them from ripping down. 
  • Glue baits right to your hooks and get more bass per bait. 
  • Repair baits on the spot in a matter of seconds.
  • Glue baits to weights when punching mats.
  • Stays flexible, dries clear and is odor free.
  • For fresh or salt water.
  • Reinforce all knots on any kind of fishing line (does not harm line).
  • EMS for gill or gut hooked fish. Glue will wick in and stop the bleeding so you can take them to the scales alive!
  • Glues most anything in under 10 seconds, so you will find multiple uses for this bottle. A must have on the water! 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee through the manufacturer.



If you're a penny pincher, a little drop here or a little dab there when you're rigging your baits will get you more fish per bait. This means that over a period of 4 years, 7 months and 22 days you'll have saved enough money in baits to buy that brand spanking new boat you've been dreaming of.  

1/2 oz. bottle


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