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Pea Heads

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I'm gonna do a little mind reading here for a second so bear with me (I'm psychic like that). Silence! I'm trying to concentrate! Hmmmm, alright okay…it's all coming clear to me now. Hang tight while I tell you a little bit about yourself.

(1) You're a finesse fisherman.

(2) You love throwing a Shakey head.

(3) You're on this page because you're looking for a great little head to complement the 3.5" Craw D'oeuvres and 5" Finicky Ticklers that you have in your shopping cart.

(4) You don't like to leave the comfort of your own home after overeating on spicy chili.

(5) Right now you're thinking to yourself "Man this guy is freakin' good!”

**Note: I usually charge 25 bucks on the streets for a reading like this so you just got hooked up big time! So if you're done bragging to your mom that you just got an incredible psychic reading for free, you can put some of these Pea Heads in your shopping cart because you came to this page for all the right reasons. Double baked for durability, 4/0 super sharp Mustad hook, and ready for your finessing finest. Just rig them up on your spinning rod and go to town. Now one last psychic reading for you before check out...You're about to catch a lot of bass playa!

4 per pack.


Anytime the bite is really tough and the fish are hugging the bottom, I can always rely on a Craw D'oeuvre or a Finicky Tickler rigged on a Pea Head to do the trick for me. Small baits, subtle action, and a little Shakey business on the bottom can change your bad day into a good one. So break out your fairy wand, put your mini skirt and pumps on (okay, the mini skirt and pumps are optional) and be one of the only anglers who come to the scales with a limit.



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