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Baker Suspending Crankbait - RGD3 - 2.25" 1/2oz - 7'-10'

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Fresh Water Suspending Crankbait 2.25" 1/2oz - Suspending 3'-6'
Part Number: RGD3
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The RGD3 Series comes in 7 finishes for different water conditions.

Baker RGD Crankbait lures are available in 3 styles designed to dive and swim suspended at a depths of 2’ to 4‘ (RGD1 series), 3’ to 6’ (RGD2 Series) or 7' to 10' (RGD3 series). They provide a wide, stable “S” pattern retrieve with classic crankbait action.  Changing retrieval speed produces varying degrees of action.  RGD Series lures are extremely productive when fishing bass, walleye, pike, muskie and salmon. All models are equipped with suresetting, bronze-finish VMC® treble hooks.  

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