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Smoke W/Black, Purple, Gold Flake
Smoke W/Black, Purple, Gold Flake

5" Finicky Tickler

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Single Pack: 12 Ct.

Ask any bass and they'll be the first to tell you, sometimes they just want to be teased a little bit in order to get them to snack. Like this whole thing is some kind of a big game to them or something. Like they could care less about the emotional trauma anglers put themselves through on tough days! Like they could care less if we fell into a state of depression and never went fishing ever again! Yea, they're ruthless like that people. But once you finally wake up and smell the coffee and accept the fact that we mean absolutely nothing to the bass, you have taken the first step towards recovery. So what's the second step you ask? Well according to world renowned therapists at Johns Hopkins University, fishing with the 5" Finicky Tickler will unquestionably help you gain control over your life again regardless of how deeply the bass have scarred you. And it's so simple! A little twitch here, a little shake there, a little jiggle here, a little wiggle there….and WHAM! That's right biotch! Who's your daddy now!! Wanna play games with my emotions?? Well who's in the driver seat now you slimy, self-centered, ungrateful fish!!! Yea that's right! Bow to your leader and get in the box!!!! I AM YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE!!!!! (On a side note, my personal therapist says I have only 4 more sessions with the Finicky Tickler and my entire life will be back in order. Not that I needed therapy or anything…I just needed someone to talk to). So if you want to save yourself thousands of dollars on therapy sessions, grab yourself some Finicky Tickers and conquer your own demons. Although at the moment you may be an emotional mess, remember that you're a strong person inside and we know you can beat this! And please know that we'll always be here for you. Everything is going to be okay champ, everything is going to be okay.


Bob's Tech Tip

When I'm fishing this bait, I'm either drop shotting it or have it rigged on a Pea Head getting my shakey on. Either way, it's a great producer during a really tough bite. And if you are drop shotting it, don't overwork the bait. Just go easy with it, nice and easy. This is one of those situations where less is more.          



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