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Green Pumpkin Light Blue Swirl
Green Pumpkin Light Blue Swirl

4.5" Conviction Craw

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Single Pack: 6 Ct.

Did you know that the word "Conviction" in Conviction Craw is just a giant abbreviation? If not, you’re leading a sheltered life and need to read below to catch up on current events! So here we go…

C. Countless pigs have been caught on this bait!

O. Over and over again!

N. Not joking either!

V. Very serious about this bait peeps!

I. If you're nuts about flippin' and pitchin', this is the bait for you!

C. Can even use it as a jig trailer for a monster profile when targeting monster bass!

T. True, fluent, gliding action that mimics a REAL craw fish. Real craw fish DO NOT "flap" their claws (sorry to break the news to ya folks, they never have and they never will), so don't expect this bait to do it either.

I. Intimidate your competition by weighing in heavy sacks!

O. Oh man just think about all the chicks you're gonna get when you start cashing those big checks!

N. Now that your life is incredible, never look back at your old boring life before B.C. (B.C. stand for Before Conviction craw in the PTL dictionary)!


Bob's Tech Tip

Any time I pick this bait up I'm doing so because it's a "go to" for big bass. Sometimes I pluck the side appendages off when I want a slightly smaller profile, and sometimes I even pluck off the side appendages AND the little legs when I'm working thick grass or using it as a jig trailer. I do whatever I want with this bait to best suit the mood of the bass … I'm a freak like that! So feel free to get freaky too!



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